Arcade Gaming, Then and Now

Even in today’s technological society, there are still a great number of dedicated online arcade game communities that are going strong.Whilst the technological bandwagon rolls on, with graphics that seems to be growing more life like than ever, these games communities still live on.One of the reasons I suppose could be down to the fact that these communities regularly host tournaments for their members with huge amounts of prize money to be won.Back in 2007, Xbox live hosted a Pac man championships, which it held in may in the city of New York.The prizes at stake consisted of, a Pac man live arcade trophy, 100,000 Microsoft points and a unique Pac man inspired Xbox 360 console, this was contested by nine finalists from around the world.Finalists from, America, Japan, the Middle East, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Asia, they were chosen by their final scores of Xbox live arcade leader points.There are also a great number of multi player arcade games available now; this has tended to grow the online arcade game community.Although arcade gaming is from another era in time, and it does not necessarily look very modern in today’s hi-tech world, the arcade game community is a very tight knit affair.Handheld consoles and computers have had a resurgence of arcade titles making a comeback, this only goes to make the arcade game community stronger than ever, and ensures that arcade gaming is here to stay, for a while at least.Arcade games have battled long and hard against the rise of the internet and computers, but the arcade gaming community is strong and resolute.The rise of the internet also helped in a small way to mould the arcade game community into the close knit community that it is today, and this is a stand alone community when it comes to games competing.